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Darius Brubeck

Kieron's rubato introduction to Bill Evans' 'Time Remembered' demonstrated a profundity of harmonic understanding that underwrites the ease of numbers like 'All Blues', given a Herbie-circa-Head-Hunters-ish treatment. I totally enjoyed his playing and they are great fun to listen to as a unit.

Neil McGowan – Jazz Coventry

Cool, cool, sophisticated jazz, funk and fusion like I haven’t heard in years – these guys are brilliant

Garry Corbett (The Albany Club 26/3/15)

The band presented a sense of unity that comes from musicians not only working together sympathetically but clearly enjoying the experience and communicating that enjoyment to their audience. It was impossible not to move in one’s seat during this performance. Failure to at least tap a foot would have been failure indeed. The Keiron Garrett Quartet did not fail in their aim. They proved that Fusion is alive and well and every bit as valid a classic jazz form as BeBop, Swing or Gypsy Jazz.
Full Review - The Jazz Breakfast

Roy Stevens - Stratford Jazz Club

Kieron is not only a creatively subtle composer but also a mature leader who reads the needs of his audience very well. He interspersed his own works with a generous mixture of ballad/jazz standards from Scofield, Shorter, Parker et al which thoroughly engaged the audience.

John Tayler - Crescendo & Jazz Music Magazine

They kick off with Bluetooth, a punchy fusion number with a syncopated beat. It's very clean, tight, precise playing from all four players. Kieron Garrett has excellent technique, lovely arrangements and great choice of repertoire. Peter Cumber is to be praised for the rhythmic drive of his playing and he certainly propels the group along.

Kathryn Shackleton - Watermill Jazz, Dorking

Kieron delighted the audience at Watermill Jazz with his inventive and funky compositions mixed with great interpretations of modern standards by the likes of Weather Report.

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